The Lost Boys Book Cover

The Lost Boys

When a home invasion goes bad, Richard Panzetti makes a moral decision which lands him in jail. Being a pretty boy of sixteen in the state penitentiary can be dangerous, and Richard soon learns that if you want to survive you should have someone to watch your back. He takes it upon himself to help other young men who come through the cell block, earning a reputation for being a hero to these so-called “lost boys.”

Four years later and on the verge of parole, Richard gets a new cell mate: Toby Hamilton, a wide-eyed, fresh-faced kid of nineteen. Toby stirs up emotions in Richard that he has never felt before. Richard becomes even more vigilant in his attempt to protect him, especially after other young inmates have started to turn up dead under savage yet mysterious circumstances. Can Richard keep Toby safe, or will he have his heart broken?

*** This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only! ***

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