Evil: The Boy's Mine Book Cover

Evil: The Boy’s Mine

What is a person to do when their life suddenly is caught by someone who enjoys torture, rape and murder? At first, Maximilian Patterson didn’t have a way to answer this question. His first encounter with the FBI wanted murderer and rapist Tristan Dryer was a very unpleasant one and every encounter that followed grew worse and worse. Yet Max was never slaughtered like the other victims. Why was that? Why was he spared? The realization came to him when his younger brother Lucien threatened to keep him away from Tristan who he had assumed was Max’s abusive lover. Max was in love with Tristan and Tristan’s urge to keep him close was his way of saying that he loved him back. What will the pair do as the police as still on their trail and Lucien’s dark feelings for his brother surfaces?

*** This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only! ***

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