The Game Boys Club Book Cover

The Game Boys Club

In the red light district underbelly of New York, there was a famous club known as the Game Boys Club. Almost everyone and anyone paid a visit to this particular club at least once from straight men with families and steady jobs to rich men who had nothing better to do than to let the strippers there please them. Strippers, sex, drugs, mob bosses, violence, the club lived and breathed these things. One of the more popular strippers was one Jessie Fiering, a long running employee who was often called the Black Butterfly. He slept with anyone who could satisfy him and knew the rules of the club, what he should and shouldn’t do. Enter David Lowe, a young, insecure guy who came from a small town. With Jessie’s help, would David be able to handle the toughness of this new world?

*** This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only! ***

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