Born into a worker family in Karl-Marx-Stadt, East Germany (GDR), Marcel Miska grew up with an ever-present passion for acting, music and writing.

As a young boy, he loved to sing and play guitar and drums. Always living by the motto, “Enough moments and you have a life,” and inspired by his idols Marlene Dietrich and The Bangles, at the age of fourteen Marcel began writing his own songs and formed a rock band. He left high school a year later and got a job at a local radio station.

In late 2003, at the age 19, Marcel passed the audition at the theatre school Schauspielschule Charlottenburg in Berlin, and soon relocated to Germany’s capital. During his education, Miska had a recurring role in the German daily soap opera Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten, produced by Grundy UFA Film productions. He also found work behind the camera in a production office for a major broadcasting channel. It was during this time that he started working on his first short story As long as we live.

Marcel graduated at age 25 from the Starter – Berliner Schauspielschule für Film und Fernsehen, an acting school focused on camera, film and television.

Throughout the years he did a number of short films, such as Thelema, Lilienschauer and I am, you were. Furthermore, he took the lead in the Klaus Nomi-Debut Wasting my time. Additionally, he was coached by Leonore Gendries, was part of different theatre and music productions, music videos, and worked as a voice over artist for several dubbing studios in Berlin as well as in London, England.

In 2014, Miska changed course and moved to London, England, working as an actor, voice over artist and author.

The following year he travelled half the world. Returning back to London in 2016, and with more comprehensive perspectives and skills in both, private and as an artist, he wrote and published his next short stories The Game Boys Club and The Lost Boys, as well as a book with poems in his mother tongue, Kleiner Gedichtband.

In late 2017 Marcel found a second home base in Vancouver, Canada. With his first supporting role at the CBS Television Studios for the TV Series Salvation, Miska signed up with a Canadian acting agency and became an international artist.

One year later he played alongside Jeanette Biedermann and Sven Martinek a leading role in the German cinema movie Das geheimnisvolle Album. The movie was released in early summer 2018 at Astor Film Lounge Berlin – Kurfürstendamm.

In 2019 Marcel released his first music single All I Ever Wanted. The song was written and composed by himself and produced by Tricone in Berlin and Los Angeles, California.

From 2017 – 2020 he was dubbing for the European Commission in London, England.

In 2021 Miska won a German writers contest. As a result his poem Längst überwunden got published within the Frankfurter Bibliothek – modern poems.

In 2022 he was the leading voice in a German commercial for the chocolate brand Reese’s.